The Swivl Robot

It's an automated mobile accessory with a suite of online tools to makes regular use of video for professional development and instruction seamless and practical.

One-Click Control

The Swivl marker can be worn or held, and gives you one click control. It has a built-in wireless microphone to capture the voices you need to hear. Add a second marker and place it wherever you need to capture group conversations

Complete Solution

Swivl Robot, Capture app and Swivl Cloud work together with your mobile devices to create and share multimedia videos using our free, secure, FERPA and COPPA compliant video hosting service.

Turns your mobile device into presentation delivery tool, a front-of-room assistant and automated video solution. It follows you, stops to focus on whiteboards or small groups when needed and can be used anytime, anywhere.

Swivl Capture App

The hub for control and content management. Wirelessly upload content with ease. Customize the Swivl Robot performance. Use it as a heads-up dashboard for presented content, reminders and time tracking to help you perform.