Prolight QR Scan Contactless Visitors Data Collection System (Test Data for Demo)

ProLight QR Scan - Contactless Visitors Data Collection System


Your visitors are not required to download nor install any apps on their mobile phones. Just a camera capable of scanning QR codes is sufficient to use our system.

Data collected belongs to you and you can fully access, manage and produce reports.

Simple customisation can be added without additional cost.

In compliance with the Government’s SOP during MCO for premise owners to record visitors contact and body temperature information, EP-TEC have developed a system to enable you to do it at very low cost and immediately.

The system can be deployed immediately without us going to your premise.

Your QR code will be sent in a few minutes once you confirmed using our system. You print it out yourself and can start collecting visitors’ info immediately.



RM 500 - software license bundled with a hand held thermal scanner.

RM 400 - just software license without a scanner.

License valid for 6 months. You will not have access to the database after the expiry.

Optional - RM 30 per month per license after the expiry. Price is on per database basis. If you require capture of multiple entry points on multiple databases, you have to buy multiple systems.